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Solo travelling is one of the most rewarding and life giving experiences that you will ever embark on even though, there is a negative connotation attached to the whole process of solo travel where safety and lot of other factors are concerned.

One thing about life is that you can’t always please everybody and if you feel a strong urge to go on a solo travel, we suggest you do it. However, it is not like we can avoid talking about subjects such as safety and protection as there are tons of solo travelers that go missing almost every day without anybody knowing about their whereabouts.

Safety is a huge concern for most solo travelers so these tips that we have mentioned below will definitely help you to maintain your personal safety throughout your solo travelling experiences.

Safe Lodging

When you go to a country that you know nothing much about, it is extremely important to be very careful with your lodging options because safe lodging is something that is going to keep you safe during your travels whether it’d be motel accommodation you found through a new friend or something you booked off a site, it is very important to call and check on the internet for the ratings of these properties so you know that you will be in safe hands.

Once you get to your affordable motel and decide to hit the snooze button for the day, be sure to lock your doors well and fasten your security chain. It is also best to request for rooms that are close to where all the activity is like the front desk where there is at least one employee at all times.

Take Care Of Your Health

Just because you are constantly hiking mountains and surfing at the beach, you’re not going to be able to stay fit and healthy. In fact, you can suffer from too much activity which can lead to exhaustion which is why it is important to listen to your body and provide what your body is asking for.

For an instance, if your body is sore and tired, it is best to take a rest day or do something that requires minimal levels of activity. If you’re thirsty for water, your body will tell you and you will have to keep yourself hydrated. It is also important to carry around any basic medication that you can take in case you get sick while travelling.

Know Your Destination

One of the common mistakes that solo travelers do is they go into it without any background knowledge about where you are traveling to. Instead, take some time to study all about the country so that you will be informed not only about sites worth seeing but also important factors that could help you be safe.